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Quickly create learning courses that engage your learners

Use Quickskills for building courses, engaging, training and onboadring new employees.

Quickskills is a SaaS that includes LMS and designer tool to create adaptive learning content (simulations, courses and tests).

QuickSkills LMS allows you to create exciting eLearning courses quickly and easily.

Content makers can choose from a variety of instructional tools, including recreating typical work scenarios, and create interactive job training courses in simulation format.
That's why we used game-based and simulation learning courses that, compared to traditional learning
Increases up to a 20% self-confidence of the student.
Improves by an 11% conceptual knowledge.
Increases by a 90% retention of learned content.
Achieves a 20% more practical knowledge.
Increases by a 300% the number of completed tasks.
QuickSkills LMS vs LMS & SCORM

QuickSkills - Quick Start of Your Trainings

Create a training course in minutes
By simply creating blocks and linking them with the mouse
Set a course for your team and get the result


Modules Designer
Design your company's instructional sims using the principle of a response-based narrative. You create the dialogs and plots, while the simulation continues based on the player's responses.
Ready-made templates for courses
No longer do LMS course designers need to spend hours creating images for their courses. Creating buttons, text fields and pasting pictures is a thing of the past. With Quickskills it’s as easy as choosing a ready-made template, characters then inserting text and/or video. Voila -- your course is ready!
Scores and Ratings
Trainees develop new skills and earn points as they correctly answer the game’s questions. Instructional feedback is provided at the end of the game or the simulation, based upon the trainee’s answers.

What types of materials can I use?

Character dialogues

You create situational dialogues. It’s as easy as selecting the background, choosing your characters, and writing the dialogue. Each answer leads to the next instructional scenario.

Text and presentations

Need to deliver theoretical material or technical instructions? Use the Quickskills flexible editor to customize your presentation. Insert text, pictures, videos, or documents in PDF format.


Upload your company’s training video. Customize the next training steps. You could even make an interactive movie!

Learning for all areas of your organization

Supercharge Sales
Develop the skills of your salespeople. Focus the attention of your employees on that knowledge most pertinent to their jobs. Conduct behaviour analyses of typical and non-standard sales situations.
Upskill Employees
Create simulations for practicing and developing the skills of your employees: decision making, negotiating, leadership and more! With the help of the QuickSkills simulator, your opportunities will only grow.
Handle Any Conflict
Sharpen the conflict resolution skills of your employees. Demonstrate which sorts of conflicts are likely, and how to resolve them by creating conflict-related learning situations. After training, they will be able to handle such cases in their daily lives successfully.
Knowledge Testing
Turn tedious testing into engaging games! By using the simulation, you can conjure up the submission of questions or develop entire case studies.
Product Learning
Teach employees about the product range, demonstrate the usability of your products, and instruct salespeople on how to sell your product line correctly. Product knowledge is critical to sales success.
Training on Real-Life Scenarios
Use the simulation game as your company's "knowledge base." Realistic and actual scenarios can best be analyzed in game format. This is an ideal way to increase the effectiveness of your employees significantly.
One Annual Payment
For a limited time, you can sign up all members of your organization for $99 per month. Billed annually.
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